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Diploma of Fire Systems Design

Transition to new qual. (CPC50520) in 2022



This qualification educates students in the development of technical designs and documentation for fire suppression systems and meets the requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) and includes a stream to qualify for the annual certification of fire systems.

Efficient, safe and functional fire systems only occur when they have been well designed. Designing fire systems includes detailing the installation requirements, testing and commissioning schedules, quality control checklists etc, which are all aligned to Australian regulatory requirements.


Fire Industry Training (FiT) delivers this course through distance learning using a combination of blended learning, workplace based learning and submission of project work for assessment. Students have 24 months from the commencement date to complete the course.


To be awarded the Qualification, students are required to successfully complete the following 12 units of competency (4 core and 8 elective units):

Block 1 - Prepare for design (Core)+x

Unit Code Unit Name Core/Elective Weeks
CPCSFS5001A Define scope and hazard level of fire systems design projects C 1-4
CPCSFS5002A Research and interpret detailed fire systems design project requirements C 5-8
CPCSFS5005A Research and evaluate fire systems technologies and components C 9-14
CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry C 15-16

Block 2 - Design sprinkler system+x

Unit Code Unit Name Core/Elective Weeks
CPCSFS5003A Develop plans and methodology for fire systems design projects E 17-20
CPCSFS5006A Create detailed designs for fire sprinkler systems E 21-32
CPCPCM4013A Produce 2-D architectural drawings using CAD software E 17-32

Block 3 - Design hydrant water+x

Unit Code Unit Name Core/Elective Weeks
CPCSFS5007A Create detailed designs for hydrant and hose reel systems E 33-40
CPCSFS5009A Create detailed designs for fire systems’ water supplies E 40-51
CPCSFS5010A Provide documentation and support for fabrication of fire sprinkler systems E 52-57

Block 4 - Finalise the design+x

Unit Code Unit Name Core/Elective Weeks
CPCSFS5011A Provide design documentation and review and support fire system installation processes E 58-63
CPCSFS5013A Support commissioning processes and finalise fire systems design projects E 64-71

ONE additional unit for SPECIALIST SKILL

If you purchase & successfully complete the additional Fire Systems Design unit CPCSFS5008A Create detailed designs for fire detection and warning systems, you can be awarded a SECOND SPECIALIST STREAM for Detection and Warning Systems and enhance your job opportunities within the Fire Protection Industry.


Students will need to be currently working as a Fire Systems Designer in the Fire Protection Industry and will require a workplace mentor, as learning is a union between FiT training & the workplace. There are no formal pre-requisites for this qualification however you will be expected to have access to: 

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Zoom (video conferencing app)
  • National Construction Code of Australia
  • Australian Standards.
It is recommended that students are able to demonstrate Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills equivalent to Level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).


Students with relevant industry experience or who hold one or more units of competency delivered in this course and who can demonstrate experience within the last two years, are encouraged to discuss the matter with FiT, as formal recognition may shorten the duration of the course.

FiT are offering Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) in the first instance to the experienced Fire Systems Designer community of NSW. This is an assessment only process designed to provide a quality outcome to the participants and community, through a rigorous assessment of every facet of Fire Systems Design.


On successful completion of CPC50509 Diploma of Fire Systems Design, students will be awarded a Qualification. A Statement of Attainment will be issued to students who partially completed the Diploma.


This qualification offers pathways into industry specific short course or a higher level qualification designed to maximise employability, including CPC80115 Graduate Certificate in Fire System Design Management.


Graduates from this course will be able to build on their career as a Fire Systems Designer in the Fire Protection Industry.


FiT offers a range of accredited and non-accredited courses which do not attract government funding. Eligible individuals may attract industry or employee fund subsidies. As these arrangements vary from state to state and according to an individual’s circumstances, please contact FiT to discuss these options.

 Full Qualification $16,103
 RPL Application $12,263

 Full Qualification $13,254
 RPL Application $10,182

Full Qualification upfront payment upon submission of enrolment $1,500, with the balance paid in instalments at the commencement of each new unit.

RPL Application upfront payment upon submission of enrolment $1,500, with the balance paid throughout the year (individualised payment schedules will be provided through the enrolment process).