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Inspect & Test SKILL SETS

SA & VIC licensing & registration requirements



Fire Industry Training (FiT) is pleased to announce the released of our redesigned Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspecting and Testing tailed to meet South Australia testing licensing and Victoria registration in Hydrant and Hose reel testing requirements.


The course is a structured 13-14 week program looking to begin Monday the 30th May with an introduction session via zoom conducted by our Trainer and Assessor.

The re-designed program takes a blended approach to learning that includes:

  • eLearning
  • Weekly Q&A zoom sessions with our Trainer and Assessor
  • Workplace evidence collection with supervisor verification
  • Practical classes available to attend in person or via Zoom
  • Face-to-Face practical assessment sessions.


The units we have on offer include:

  • CPPCMN2002 Participate in workplace safety arrangements
  • CPPFES2004 Identify types of installed fire safety equipment and systems
  • CPPFES2006 Prepare for installation and servicing operations
  • CPPFES2037 Inspect and test fire hydrant systems
  • CPPFES2010 Inspect and test fire hose reels
  • CPCPFS3040 Conduct basic functional testing of water-based fire-suppression systems – SA ONLY
  • CPCPFS3041 Inspect and test fire pumpsets – SA ONLY
  • Stand alone unpumped hydrant flow testing – VIC ONLY


Participants must currently be working in the industry which they are looking to apply for a license/registration in, and must have access to perform the following onsite supervised work (and be able to upload evidence weekly over the course of the 13-14 week program):

  • Inspecting and testing ninteen (19) Fire Hose Reels at a minimum of five different sites:
• five (5) of these fire hose reels must be installed in a recess, cupboard or cabinet
• a total of two (2) regulatory non-compliances associated with access, usability or coverage of the installed fire hose reels must be identified and documented.
• Videos/photos evidence must be uploaded to the moodle site of these activities with supervisor reports.

  • Conduct 6-monthly testing of fourteen (14) different hydrant systems over 9 different sites. Videos/photos evidence must be uploaded to the moodle site of these activities with supervisor reports

  • Conduct four (4) different monthly and three (3) 6-monthly tests, according to AS 1851, on the following sprinkler systems:
• Wet
• Double interlock pre-action
• Deluge
• Residential
• Combined sprinkler hydrant
• Fire pumpsets, both electric and diesel.

All must be interconnected to a FDCIE and you must video/photo of yourself and upload with supervisors report to Moodle.

For all training you will be expected to have access to:

  • Computer (desktop or laptop with internet, webcam & microphone)
  • Zoom (video conferencing app)
  • a device to take clear photos/video of performing on site work
  • National Construction Code of Australia
  • Australian Standards.


On successful completion of a unit of competency, students will be awarded a Statement of Attainment.


Graduates may be eligible to apply for state specific Fire Protection licenses.


FiT offers a range of accredited and non-accredited courses which do not attract government funding. Eligible individuals may attract industry or employee fund subsidies. As these arrangements vary from state to state and according to an individual’s circumstances, please contact FiT to discuss these options.

See our page RTO Information for full details of the fees & payable.